About us


20 years of experience in the field


We have been operating for over 20 years in the logistics sector in collaboration with Switzerland. Since 2011, after acquiring several years of experience in the industry, the name of our logistics service agency was changed to Swiss Logistics Srl, as a way to make our business instantly recognizable and certified by all our customers.

We have introduced careful precision to the business, along with the ability to process all job tasks we take in charge, keeping in mind our main clientele, therefore extending across the entire Swiss territory.


Deliveries within 24 hours


We started with a wide range of items that we transport every day from our platform in Milan, all distributed on pallets and giving priority to the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We always try to guarantee the freshness and quality control of each product.

We deliver the goods directly to the recipient customer, so the goods depart on day 1 and arrive the next day (day 2), in any case within 24 hours, with a “door to door” service.

We leave every day from Milan at our platform with its dedicated customs area.

Quality Certification and Customs


Over time we have acquired quality certifications such as ISO 9001: 2015 and AEOF (Authorized Economic Operator Full), the first certifying our quality system and the second certifying our status as customs operator for Exports from Italy to all countries in the world, without limitations.

We have an added value that allows us to offer a third service, as we can declare goods even if they are not transported by us, by any means, be it ship, plane or land.

This added service to the export declaration is offered for any type of transportation from Italy to all countries, whether they are outside the EU or transiting on the territory, by any means, air, sea or road, even if we are not the primary carrier.




Our offices are located on the upper floor of the customs area in via Varsavia 15, and are dedicated to processing all orders received by Swiss Logistics:

management office: manages and supervises the company as a whole.
Chief Executive’s office: manages and directs all business operations, continuously interfacing with manufacturers and buyers.
Operations’ office: handles logistics coordination and preparation of the necessary paperwork.
operational/customs office: checks and declares the goods for export/Italy.
Administrative office: monitors and handles all invoicing and corporate budgeting.